Dallas is to build America’s largest urban park

Dallas, Texas, is set to become one of the nation’s greenest cities by building the country’s largest urban nature park. The green space would be 12 times the size of Central Park in New York.

This Nature District will comprise a staggering 10,000 acres, including 1,000 acres of the existing developed areas, 2,000 acres between the levees and 7,000 acres of the Great Trinity Forest.

The design is the work of the New York-based landscape architecture firm Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, which has extensive experience in the design of major urban parks, including Hudson River Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park, in New York. In Dallas, the firm’s work includes the native Texas landscape at the George W. Bush Presidential Center.

The Trinity River Park will provide visitors with access to playgrounds, lawns, and riverside trails. The design aims to enhance the natural beauty of the area while minimizing flooding damage in Dallas.

The whole project hasn’t received too much attention just yet. That’s because the city’s government broke it up into separate, manageable sections instead of one giant project. A prominent Dallas-area family donated $50 million to the project, and another $30 from a bond package insures the project moves along quickly.

dallas urban park

Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

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