China launches its second space station – Tiangong-2

China’s second experiment space lab named Tiangong-2 was launched successfully at 10.04 am (EDT) on Thursday (15th September 2016) at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in China’s Gobi Desert. The space lab was hitched with a Long March-2F T2 rocket. And after 10 minutes of journey the module detached successfully from the rocket and reached an orbit altitude.

Of course this is a small prototype module with 10m ling and 8.6 tons in weight. But comparatively to the size, it has high functionality. It can act as a small working space station providing China the necessary time to get settled with a permanent space station in the early years of 2020s. For that this space lab will climb 293km exactly the distance which will be the China’s permanent future space lab and in end of October 2  astronauts of china will land in this Tiangong-2 with Shenzouh 11.

This tiny space lab will be dealing with its operational activities and then will fall to earth by the second half of the 2017. Until then the plan will  be like this. 2 astronauts who were yet to be identified will be staying 30 days doing testing on Biology, Physics and Space medicine. And then April Tiangong 1 will be delivering necessary fuel and supplies to the space lab acting as the China’s first space cargo.The space lab also contains with an atomic clock to investigate regarding microgravity. Therefore this will be the highest number of experiments carried out by a manned space mission so far.

Tiangong 1 was the first step of this massive victory but now with the Tiangong 2 the areas of researches have been specified. Therefore of course the china is on its way to conquer more of space with its new technological approaches. Universe is getting closer.

China Launches Second Space Station, Tiangong 2 (Photo credits: VCG / Getty)

China Launches Second Space Station, Tiangong 2 (Photo credits: VCG / Getty)


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