Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?

Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers?

You might be well familiar with the phrase “Cats and Dogs”, and now you may be wondering why “Cats and Cucumbers” all of a sudden? Are cucumbers not good enough for your cat or something like that? No, it’s of course good for your cat if he is willing to eat vegies.

Try this for just once. Type Cats and cucumbers on YouTube and watch 3, 4 videos. You’ll laugh for sure at the first glance. But you’ll be curious enough to search why cats react so weird and scared to a vegetable like cucumber.

These videos went viral on internet and people were very curious about this weird fact. It raised attention of everybody. What you see is when a cucumber is placed without letting the cat know while cat’s head is down on something, the cat jumps 1, 2 feet high and run away from it. Is this because cats are afraid of cucumbers or it’s just something else? That was the concern.

Of course more than they being afraid of particularly cucumbers, what they fear here is while their heads are down they don’t see anything kept new secretly behind him, once the cat raise its head it sees something alien to him, so he gets frightened and react that way. Let it be a cucumber, or a ball or whatever, he might react the same way to see something that wasn’t near him at the first place.

But if we analyze this furthermore, not only humans, animals are very afraid of snakes. They are born to detect suspicious snake behaviors. Once the cat sees a cucumber due to its long shape, the cat might misunderstand it as a snake or a long animal. Therefore as he is trained to react afraid and keep away from snakes he might be acting this way.

These are the logical ideas about Cats and Cucumbers and the weird behavior. But don’t try to check this with your cat. Stressing him over a snake, a predator for fun would be harmful to him. Cat is a living being, treat him well as you are a well evolved living being!

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