Black hole photo: First ever black hole image released

What if i say which is impossible has finally happened. Marking a very rare milestone of physics and radio astronomy a photo of black hole has been released for the first time in history.

Now you would wonder why it has never happened so far and why it is this much hard to take a photo of a black hole. Black holes are so massive and dense and gravity captures every form of radiation that come across its event horizon. So you can understand how you can’t see a black hole even by a photo of it as it will capture all the radiation including the visible light.

With this photo of the black hole most of the myths such as there is nothing existing as black hole can be proved wrong. And it proves existence of black holes as theorized by Albert Einstein a way back then.

Black hole
The Event Horizon Telescope’s first black hole image: Event Horizon Telescope

This photo of the back hole was released by the scientists working with Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). A team of 200 scientists pointed the networked telescopes towards M87 and scanned its heart over a period of 10 days. As the information gathered was too large to they stored them in 100s of hard drives and central processing was done in Boston, US, and Bonn, Germany.

The black hole was found in galaxy M87 and this is larger than our whole solar system. This monster measures 40 billion km across and three million times the size of earth and 500 million trillion km away. This massive black hole is believed to be the biggest of all black holes in the universe with its mass 6.5 billion times the Sun.

If you look into the photo of the black hole it has a bright fire like which would have caused due to the super heated gas. And it is still not identified how the bright ring around the hole is created and what would happen when an object falls into the black hole.

This photo of the black hole will start to solve most of the mysteries of the universe while the scientists lead most of their experiments with more confidence.

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