Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Facts, Secrets & Theories

Bermuda, The name itself strikes the fear. That is due to the abnormal and scientifically unexplainable incidents that take place around the area.

Almost all of you might know about the significance of this place due to the various articles and documentary programs. Yet these awesome and unknown points about it will definitely spread your knowledge.

Is it a triangle?

No, it is not a geographical triangle. This does not have boundaries to mark the place even therefore the US navy doesn’t recognize this as a real place known as “Bermuda triangle”.

Compass Problem

Normally a compass targets the magnetic north and planes and ships use magnetic north to find their routes. But the main reason for the ships and planes to get lost in this particular area is that in here instead of the magnetic north, the true north is pointed in compass.

Atlantis Undersea Test And Evaluation Center

Yet the people believe this center to be more than a research center, this is owned by the American Government. Situated in the Bermuda triangle, Bahamas Andros island in order to keep testing about sonars, submarines, and other weapons by US navy.

The Lost City of Atlantis

How would you feel if it is said that there is a huge ancient city is sleeping under the ocean bed of the Bermuda triangle. The two researchers named as Pauline Zalitzki and Paul Weinweig have confirmed through their researches that a city exists beneath the ocean with ruins of giants pyramids and sphinxes that spread within the boundaries of Bermuda. And people do call it as “the lost city of Atlantis” .

Methane Gas

Bermuda triangle’s ocean is considered to have a large amount of ruptured methane gas pocket than the other areas of the ocean which levels up the density of the water even to sink ship.

Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers never returned

In 1945, US military sent 5 US navy Avenger torpedo bombers from Fort Lauderdale Naval Air station, Florida for a sortie to the Bimini Island in where they had to cross this Bermuda triangle area. After 90 minutes of the departure, the crew contacted the base to report that their compasses are not working which caused to lost their communication thereafter. And this squad never returned back by marking it as one of the biggest losses to the US navy.

Only Private Investigations

Though there was a large number of disappearances or the accidents across this area, no formal study was carried out to find the exact reason for these. Only private investigations over the incident are happening.

Incidents that shook the world

The most famous ships; USS Scorpions, C-54 Sky master, Ellen Austin, Marine Sulphur queen, mAry Celeste – The Ghost Ship and Tudor Start Tiger were sunk in the Bermuda triangle with many other small ships.

Dragon Triangle

In the Pacific ocean there lays another triangle which is known as the counterpart of the Bermuda triangle. It was announced as a war zone which is considered as NO Fishing zone for Japanese. In 1950, about 700 sailors disappeared along this triangle in two years.

Bermuda Triangle
Image: NOAA

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