Surprising benefits of being single

People always talk about the benefits of being in a relationship. However, it is a surprise to say that there are so many benefits of being single too. It is always good to maintain your identity and lead an independent life without depending on someone else. The most important thing of being single is that it gives many health benefits directly and indirectly.

Single Girl

1) Single people have a larger support system when compared to people who are in a relationship.

When you are in a relationship, you always try to stick with your partner and spend most of your time with him/her. But when you are single, you are much attach to your friends – not just one friend, a whole bunch of friends. The studies have found that single people have a tight attachment with their families and friends this strong network support a lot when each one is in need of help. As a result they have a larger support system to help and encourage them than to those who are in relationships. Therefore it is a benefit of being single.

2) Minimal financial stress.

Single people tend to have less expenses than people who are in a relationship. Single people are smart when it comes to handling money as they are socially and financially free. Even the study has shown that single people do not tend to apply for credit cards and loans. The studies shown that the percentage of single people apply for credit cards is 21%, one the other hand married couples 27% and married couples with children 36%. Less financial stress means less health issues such as strokes, heart attacks etc. therefore this is also a benefit of being single.

3) Decent amount of sleep.

When you are sharing your bed or the blanket with a snoring partner or a sleep kicker, it is very hard to get fall asleep comfortably. A good night’s sleep is the key to a healthy life. It gives you a very good mood, a better focus and also help to maintain an ideal rate of body functions. The survey Amerisleep too have found that single participants had a comfortable sleep when compared to those who are in a relationship. This is another benefit of being single.

4) Single people tend to concentrate more on their fitness.

It is always been a couple goal to work out together in a gym. But is it always practical in reality? The studies have found that the rate of single people hitting a gym is higher than married people. Therefore this benefit being single too will lead you to a healthy life.

5) You make your own schedule.

When you are single you love your life. You live your life. But this is totally different when you are in a relationship. When you want to do something, you have to tell this with your partner and sometimes might even have to ask their permission. Or if you want to do something you have to check with their schedule too. This can cost you with late dinners, missing out favourite events, tough days etc. But if you are single, you get the benefit of making your own schedule and lead a happy lifestyle.

6) Decision making and solving your own problems.

When you are single it is easy for you to take straight decisions and solve problems. It is also help to keep calm and face the problems. As you are not depending on anybody, you have the experience of solving your own problems alone or with the help of friends. This gives you the benefit of solving problems easily and much efficiently without causing much damage.

7) Spend less time on house hold work.

When you are in a relationship you have to maintain a clean and nice environment for your partner and for children. So you have to spend hours and hours doing laundry, gardening, cleaning the mess create by kids. But if you are single you don’t have all this work. All you need to do is just to clean up the mess you create. If you keep your space clean you don’t have to spend hours and hours on that, instead you can use that time to work out or for other entertainment purposes. It is a benefit of being single.

8) Tend to be happy.

The studies are have people are not much happy as how they used to be after getting married. When people are single they don’t have much responsibilities. So they have a happy life. It is a benefit of being single.

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