Amanda Teague – Woman Who ‘Married’ 300-Year-Old Ghost Pirate

47-year-old Amanda Teague is a resident of Downpatrick, Northern Ireland. She recently became a celebrity on the Internet because of her wonderful marriage.

Her marriage was a little strange because she was married to a 300 year old ghost named Jack

Amanda was an entertainer and often played the role of Jack Sparrow in the comedy series Pirates of the Caribbean. As a result, she developed a strong bond with the pirates.

Amanda Teague
Amanda Teague

A few years ago she told the world that she was in fact falling in love with the ghost of a dead pirate named Jack.

According to Amanda, she is fed up with all the “living” people in the ordinary world. She met Jack in 2014. One day, Jack, from the 18th century, apparently visited her while she was lying in bed.  Since then her love story has begun.

Amanda Teague
Photo Credits: Triangle News

According to her, the ghost had even tried to kill her when she tried to stop the relationship.

In Great Britain, a dead person cannot be legally married. So Amanda decided to take her and Jack’s wedding to the international seaside. At a boat wedding, Jack was replaced by a human skull flag, and the ring was worn with a candle.

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