A facelift for the Moon every 81,000 years

What if it is said that the moon gets a completely new facelift ? Yes according to NASA every 81 000 years the moon is getting a new facelift due to the craters of bombardments of asteroids and comets.

As we all have seen moon is hugely crated since billions of years. The reason is that unless the earth, the moon doesn’t burn the falling space rocks. Therefore it the moon surface is exposed to constant stream of cosmic influences which blend the top layer of material on its surface.

But according to the new studies, it is revealed that the rate of forming new craters has increased and also this raises a concern about the future moon missions. The concern is about the increasing risk of getting hit by a falling space rocks while a mission is ongoing.

Planetary scientists at Arizona State University of Tempe have analyzed more than 14, 000 pairs of before and after images of the

moon captured by Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter(LRO) of NASA to study about the present Lunar Crater formation rate.

And this study covers almost 6.6 % of Luna surface (960 000 square miles) to identify the spots where once the crater – free and crater – present. It reveals that there are 176 earth days to 1241 earth days of a span of time gap to create a new crater. Furthermore it reveals that asteroids and comets crashes create 180 new craters of about 10 meters in diameter every year.

And it said that these craters sometimes affect for secondary impacts which are called as “scars” as well. For an example an 18 meters impact crater was found in 2013 and it has produced over 250 secondary impacts including 18.6 miles away.

And these types of studies will be happening in the coming years too as NASA have already approved a two year mission to capture and investigate before and after images of lunar surface. These studies will reveal the impact rate and important process that shapes planetary bodies of the solar system.

moon facelift

(Photo: Flicker/NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

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